Service and Repairs on Ducts, Heating, Refrigeration and Evaporative Coolers in El Paso, TX

Totally Cool Refrigeration handles service and repairs on all HVAC makes and models. You're in good hands! Its always best to have us as your licensed HVAC specialist to perform all the service and repair jobs that are required.

Here are some situations where you should definitely call us:

  • Your Refrigerated Air Unit is making loud noises.
  • The evaporative cooler needs new pads.
  • Your Heater is very old and inefficient
  • Your refrigerated air system is not cooling like it used to.
  • The Ducts are old and dirty.
  • The cold weather in El Paso randomly blows in and you need your heater safely turned on.
  • The El Paso hot weather comes out of nowhere and you need your AC unit hooked up.

Give us a call today! Don't sweat it let us handle it.